The four-ingredient club

November 8, 2016

At the Cosy Cottage Soap Company, we are passionate about organic, additive free soaps, toiletries and cosmetics. In the wake of the micro-granule and parabens debacles, no bad thing, we hear you cry! Now take a look at the ingredients list on the product you use. Even organic or hand-made products frequently bear a list as long as your proverbial (if not your actual) arm.


Are all these complicated-looking chemicals necessary? At the Cosy Cottage Soap Company, we think not. We are the proud, founder members of 'The four-ingredient club'.  


So what are all the additives for and why do we need them (or not)?


Abrasives - this is where those plastic micro-granules fit – why not use a flannel instead?

Acid/alkaline neutralisers – the natural pH of a good soap recipe is safe without these.

Antimicrobial agents - at the pH of soap, microbes can’t survive.

Colourants – why? Just why?

Foaming agents – a carefully selected, organic blend of oils and fats does it all by itself.

Fragrances – a nice idea – we use home-distilled natural oils.

Manufacturing process aids – essential to boost the conglomerates’ profits!

Opacifiers – do you really need to see the world (or not) through a bar of soap?

Preservatives – the naturally high pH preserves freshness for 6 to 12 months.




At The Cosy Cottage Soap Company, with the exception of natural, organic fragrances, we add nothing to our saponified, organic oils and fats. The result, a safe, natural product which lathers beautifully and releases gentle wafts of fragrance whenever you wash or shower.


I'm off to try out some four-ingredient cakes and biscuits now!




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