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This generous and long-lasting 100ml tin uses the well-known therapeutic qualities of aloin, found in both aloe vera and in kelp. This new mask will nourish dry facial skin, regenerate and help to soothe troublesome conditions including rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.


Harvested from the sea on Yorkshire's coast, natural and fast-growing kelp contains the compound aloin, which is also present in the natural aloe vera gel, within this rich and regenerative facial mask. Aloin is proven to help regenerate the connective tissues within the skin, regenerating and improving its structure and appearance. The nutrient-rich seaweed has also been known to counteract the sign of aging, helping to smooth pigmentation imbalances and even lighten age spots.


Made in the Cosy Cottage workshops in Malton, North Yorkshire, using processes which consume little fossil fuel and produce minimal waste.  As with all Cosy Cottage products, this new product is made without hormone-disrupting parabens, sulphates and harmful preservatives. It is also 100% palm oil free, and the packaging is plastic-free and fully recyclable. 

Aloin-Rich Regenerative Face Mask


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