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  • Everything is handmade in Yorkshire

  • Natural products, free from additives

  • Recyclable or compostable packaging

  • Sustainably sourced ingredients; no palm oil, no plastic, cruelty free, SLS and paraben free

  • Minimal waste manufacturing process

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Click on the image above to download our commitment icons to use on your website or on printed media to showcase our ethos.

If you need a PNG file, please email

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  • We've created these display cards to showcase our Cosy Cottage values

  • They explain about 100% natural ingredients and that our products are all made in the UK

  • There are some details about our plast-derived, natural scents coming only from flowers, plants and herbs

  • Each of our x4 Cosy Cottage icons show our palm oil free, single-use plastic free, cruelty free and SLS and paraben free commitments


Moving to a natural haircare routine sometimes has a transition period. We get asked a lot about how to use the shampoo and conditioners in the best way and what to expect.

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  • Screenshot them to get the latest addition imagery

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  • You can copy and paste the product ingredients

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